Make sure your credit card is out of town

Tips to avoid being scammed while out on the town. How to enjoy the party night the most without risking someone using your credit card!

Are you going out to town this weekend with the gang of friends? Do you sometimes have to put your credit card back in the bar to make payment easier? Or do you prefer to pay with cash on the town? We have gathered some good advice when it comes to spending money on the city.


Do not leave your credit card in the bar

Do not leave your credit card in the bar

If you plan to shop part of the bar during the evening, many will often put your credit card back in the bar. That way, you don’t have to drag the card every time you buy something, it can be easier to spend a drink on your friends, and you get the evening’s expenses in one big bill. Since bartenders can save a lot of time when customers put their credit card back in the bar, they will often be encouraged to do so.

But when you put your credit card back in the bar, you also run the risk of being scammed. And should this happen, your bank will consider it very negligent that you leave your credit card back in the bar, and therefore you will not be covered for any money loss. In other words, it can be a costly night for you if you were to be so unlucky to be scammed.

Another problem that can arise when you put your credit card back in the bar is that you forget to take it home with you when the nightclub closes. You will then have to wait to get your credit card back for the next day, or possibly longer depending on when the nightclub is willing to let you in and pick it up again.


Hide the PIN

When shopping at the bar there will often be several other people right next to you waiting for their turn to shop for drinks. Make sure you always hide the PIN when paying at the bar to reduce the risk of being scammed. Unfortunately, too many Norwegians forget to hide their code when paying by credit card. And remember to never record a reminder with your PIN when you’re at a night out.


Use of cash

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The tax authorities are urging people to avoid using cash when they are out on the town to prevent the nightclubs from registering purchases and sales of beverages, which the tax authorities have shown is a trend among several nightclubs. When you pay with a bank card, you help prevent black sales. Therefore, you should always try to pay by card instead of by cash.

At the same time, it is important that you know your own boundaries. If you know that leaving your credit card in the bar while out on the town, using cash will solve this problem. In addition, you will have better control over how much money you spend during the evening if you leave your credit card at home.


Credit Card Benefits

Credit Card Benefits

Did you know that there are several credit cards that, for example, give you free entry to a number of night spots? Or other benefits like not having to queue? If you are a real party lion, such goods may be right in your mind.